September 20, 2015
by OhioFi

How to Program Twitterbots as an Intro to Computer Science

madlibsThis lesson began with a quick discussion of Mad Libs. What are Mad Libs? How do you play Mad Libs? I was surprised to find that only about 5% of… Continue reading

Coding Twitterbots with Middle School Students

September 10, 2015 by OhioFi | 0 comments

giphy5My 7th and 8th grade Information Technology classes have been coding Twitterbots as an introduction to Javascript JSON programming. A botContinue reading

Flipped Classroom Scratch Programming Lessons

November 7, 2014 by OhioFi | 0 comments

scratchcatThis fall I began teaching Scratch programming to 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students and spent lots of valuable class time “presenting… Continue reading

BYOD Music Class Using OhioFi Games

October 19, 2014 by OhioFi | 0 comments

byodThis photo shows a 4th grade student playing one of my Name That Note games. You can try these games too by visiting reading