Adobe Flash Projects

July 20, 2012 by OhioFi | 0 comments


Tank War was a grad school project that involved creating a soundtrack and sound effects for a simple Flash game. To try to create a vintage lo-fi sound, I used YMCK’s Magical 8-bit Plug and ran a few voice samples through a bitcrusher plugin.



Multitrack Buttons
was my first attempt at creating an interactive Flash app from scratch. It was modelled after a game on the Boohbah website (a tv show for pre-schoolers).



Multitrack Faders
was a reimplementation of the previous multitrack app. This time allowing the user to set individual volume levels rather than simply turning tracks on and off.



Phantom of Power was a Flash game that I created so that my MUS-110 Intro to Music Software students could create 8-bit music for it. I was able to include everyone’s music by assigning 2 to 4 songs per level. When the game goes to play the music for a level, it randomly selects one of those 2 to 4 songs. It takes about 2 minutes to load (audio files for ~40 different songs take up a lot of space).

I have two other simple Flash projects shown here. The first is a Flash audio player with play, pause, and stop controls. The second is a looped Flash animation.

Pere Ubu vintage synthesizer freakout

March 20, 2012 by OhioFi | 0 comments

In late February, 2012, former Pere Ubu synthesist Allen Ravenstine and current synthesist Robert Wheeler, two legendary figures of Cleveland’s punk rock scene met at Grant Avenue Studio to discuss and demonstrate the EML modular synthesizers that have been an integral part of the Pere Ubu sound for almost 40 years. The interviews will be part of the upcoming film: I Dream of Wires: The Modular Synthesizer Documentary. The impromptu jam session that followed marked the first time the two have ever played together.

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