Adobe Flash Projects


Tank War was a grad school project that involved creating a soundtrack and sound effects for a simple Flash game. To try to create a vintage lo-fi sound, I used YMCK’s Magical 8-bit Plug and ran a few voice samples through a bitcrusher plugin.



Multitrack Buttons
was my first attempt at creating an interactive Flash app from scratch. It was modelled after a game on the Boohbah website (a tv show for pre-schoolers).



Multitrack Faders
was a reimplementation of the previous multitrack app. This time allowing the user to set individual volume levels rather than simply turning tracks on and off.



Phantom of Power was a Flash game that I created so that my MUS-110 Intro to Music Software students could create 8-bit music for it. I was able to include everyone’s music by assigning 2 to 4 songs per level. When the game goes to play the music for a level, it randomly selects one of those 2 to 4 songs. It takes about 2 minutes to load (audio files for ~40 different songs take up a lot of space).

I have two other simple Flash projects shown here. The first is a Flash audio player with play, pause, and stop controls. The second is a looped Flash animation.

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