Coding Twitterbots with Middle School Students

giphy5My 7th and 8th grade Information Technology classes have been coding Twitterbots as an introduction to Javascript JSON programming. A bot is an automated program that performs a function on the internet like indexing webpages or sorting email. A Twitterbot is a software program that automatically posts to Twitter. Each of our bots is programmed to tweet a new, randomly-generated message every 10 minutes.

Here is the complete list of bots that we created this week:

BookTitleBot by the 7th & 8th Graders

ShockingNewsBot by L & Q

NewVideoGameBot by J, C & T

RestaurantBot by J & D

ShortTalesBot by M, M, A & K

LottoNumberBot by T & N

BestStoryBot by R, H & A

FantasyBBallBot by D, C & L

StatusUpdateBot by T, G & R

ShrubbinatorBot by S, H & B

ToyNamerBot by R, M & K

NewFashionBot by G, B & M

RhymingBot by J & A

ShoeDesignerBot by C, R & N

LyriczBot by C & I

CartoonzBot by M, W & K

SingersBot by W, A & E

Click here to read about how we learned to code our Twitterbots 


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