MUS110 Interactive Multimedia Story Project, Fall 2011

This project consist of the creation of either:

  • A “Choose Your Own Adventure”-style interactive story
  • An interactive musical composition
  • A multimedia quiz

Here are some projects that were created last fall.

Interactive Story Projects

Where’s Claire? by Justin R
Escape the Zombies by Brian S
The Puppy Treasure Map by Olivia H
The Adventures of Neon Donkey by David W
Make It Out Alive by Nathan K
The Perfect Jack-O-Lantern by Emily B
Real Nerd Games by Joey B

Interactive Musical Compositions

Tim the Turtle by Ejiela A
The Southern Rock Jam Session by Sam B
A Brief Tutorial on How to Make Fresh Beats by Jay O
Untitled by Alex P

Multimedia Quizzes

Porpoise or Dolphin by Tom G
How to Pick Out the Perfect Pair of Js and Socks by MJ
Audio Connector Quiz by Eric L

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