Oh no! It’s DevoBots!

Source: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/remo/authorized-devo-synthesizer-and-robot-maker-app-de

A two in one App.

DevoBots is a digital robot assembly kit and it is also a music synthesizer. The user can create millions of robots out of the box using DevoBot assets to build their very own DEVO, mimicking the bands outfits and personas from the past 40 years. And Devobots is also a modular synthesizer where the user can play, mix and record their very own music and sounds by using and manipulating original, unreleased DEVO sounds and music from banks of sounds stored within the app.

As the app evolves, users will also be able download new Asset and Sound packs as they become available through In App Downloads. This will make the app ever expanding and modular, being able to download ‘add ons’ to keep the app growing.

Other Features include outputting Devobots as online avatars, desktop images, posters, Tee shirts and apparel, animations mixed with your music creation within the app and you will also be able to create Vinyl Toy Figurine designs, that you can submit to Kit Robot from the app, for creation.

Source: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/remo/authorized-devo-synthesizer-and-robot-maker-app-de

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