Phantom of Power, Fall 2012

My Flash video game, Phantom of Power, has a completely new soundtrack! 17 new 8-bit, chiptune compositions! Click here to play! Phantom of Power is a video game that I created so that my MUS-110 Intro to Music Software students could compose 8-bit music for it.

Game Design by Justin Riley / Farm music by Hayden Brown / Beach music by Chris Jamison / Castle music by Ian Harlow / Cave music by Kory Hunter / Dead Woods music by Ryan March / Forgotten Forest music by Adam Bussey / Gardens music by Derek Miller / Ghost Town music by Kevin Holland / Graveyard music by Ryan Garrett / Harbor music by Tyris Diehl / Hedge Maze music by Daniel Hixson / Isles music by Trey McDeane / Mine music by Hannah Roberts / Mountain music by Andrew Hawk / Sequoia music by Andrew Jeffries / Swamp music by Joshua Monroe / Waterfall music by Marrett Laney

Click here to play!

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