The Ascent, an interactive live-action performance installation

The Ascent is a live-action performance installation that allows participants to levitate over 30 feet into the air through interactive sound and lighting via the power of their own focus and meditation. Yehuda Duenyas, AKA XXXY, is an MFA student in RPI’s MFA program. His project, The Ascent, uses EEG controlled performer flight as its centerpiece

The audience member/performer controls their “ascent” by their brain’s alpha wave concentration read by an Emotive EEG headset. As they meditate, they begin to levitate courtesy of the wires. The more that they relax or the longer they sustain that state, the higher they may go. It’s a difficult task and not everyone is able to reach the ceiling.

What if you make it all the way to the ceiling? This last video shows what happens.

Yehuda Duenyas

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